Permafused Color Chain Link

Fused and Adhered vinyl coating. Coated using a polyolefin coating, the galvanized wire is first heated, then coated, causing the wire and the plastic to bond together, creating a better protective coating to prevent moisture from penetrating to the steel core of the wire.

Permafused® Color Chain Link Fence Systems

Permafused, the next generation in color chain link fence systems from Cedar Springs Fence offers unparalleled performance over ordinary systems, featuring a fused and adhered coating that offers superior protection. Its outstanding resistance to ultra violet light and corrosive environments prevents premature fading and decay. It is an ideal choice for commercial applications that need the security of a chain link fence system and an appearance that blends in beautifully with the environment.

  • Outstanding performance in highly corrosive environments provides years of protection
  • High impact resistance reduces the chance of damage during product handling and installation
  • Exceptional resistance to ultra violet light prevents premature fading
  • Extreme flexibility reduces susceptibility to cracking and chipping, even in changing weather conditions we have here in the Grand Rapids area
  • 15 year limited warranty provides confidence and assurance that you’ve selected one of the best color chain link fence systems available

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