Spectra Bond Color Chain Link

Spectra and Spectra Bond Finish Gauges

Spectra Bond Color Chain Link Fencing

Spectra Bond® is a step above from Cedar Spring Fence’s color commercial and industrial chain link fence systems. It is extruded bonded wire, which is a better alternative to simple extruded wire. The adhesive added before the wire is extruded seals the vinyl to the wire. This ensures years of attractive and reliable performance with a better protection against nature.

  • Zinc-coated steel framework is thoroughly cleaned during the pre- treatment process, then color coated with a 3 mil minimum polyester layer for protection from corrosion
  • All galvanized wire has a 15 mil minimum extruded and adhered polyvinyl chloride coating for dual protection from corrosion and the elements
  • Fittings are made of galvanized steel with a 3 mil minimum of polyester coating for added protection.


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